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Statement on COVID-19


Statement on COVID-19 Unquestionably, our world is in uncertain times! The outbreak of COVID-19 has produced a range of reactions, making it sometimes difficult to discern which voices to listen to. At this stage of the outbreak, Horizon will continue operating cautiously as usual. Although many larger institutions have wisely ceased their regular activities, Horizon is comparatively much smaller, well out of scale to these other institutions. Even at maximum capacity we don't come even close to reaching the minimum threshold indicated by health officials for not gathering, and no current students or staff are participating in international travel. Nevertheless, although [...]

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Student Housing – Investment Opportunity


Student Housing - Investment OpportunityAs we prepare to relocate, we are thrilled to be working with Cressman Holdings and alumni Nathan and Melanie Cressman to provide safe, affordable housing for students. And there is also an opportunity for you to invest in the student housing project, both helping Horizon students AND earning you a return on your investment.Contact Nathan Cressman for information: nathan@cressmanholdings.com

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Ground-breaking! On the chilly evening of December 18, 2019, Horizon alumni, friends, staff, and students gathered to celebrate breaking ground for our new facility, set for completion by December 2020. Our president, Dr. Jeromey Martini, shared the following words: "We are here tonight commemorating the ground-breaking of a new building that represents the fourth time this college has relocated. These relocations tell an important story about who we are as a college. Established in 1935 in Star City, SK, we relocated to Saskatoon in 1937, first moving in with Elim Church. Shortly thereafter, we relocated near the city's inner core, [...]


Horizon is moving!


Horizon is moving! In 2020 Horizon will be moving to a brand-new facility, debt-and mortgage-free, investing our equity as the first major installment of an endowment fund to grow as a source of sustainable revenue in order to help our college thrive into the indefinite future. Read more of the story in this Special Report > A year ago, I was focused in a completely different direction. And then I had a meeting at Starbucks. In the summer of 2017, I was writing business plans and applying for seed money from banks, credit unions, and a [...]

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