Transfers to Horizon

Prior Learning & Experience

People come to Horizon for various reasons, from diverse evangelical traditions, and at different points on their walk with Christ. Our students range in age from freshly graduated high school to freshly retired, all seeking God’s next best direction for their lives. Horizon isn’t a place where one size is meant to fit all, but a place where you can be who God has created you to be.

Because we recognize that not everyone’s story is the same, we are able to take prior learning and experience into account during the admissions process.


PLAR stands for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

On a case-by-case basis we are able to award credit for prior knowledge and life experience.


After YWAM, What? Did you spend time at YWAM or Capernwray, or with some similar organization after high school? Your experience can count toward college credit at Horizon.

Other Colleges & Seminaries

If you have attended another college or post-secondary institution, we are often able to transfer your credits and help you complete your degree. Please note that non-accredited colleges are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Transfers to the University of Saskatchewan

You can find the transferable courses on the U of S website HERE.
NOTE: The number of courses transferable to the U of S will vary depending upon which U of S program you take and how many Arts and Humanities electives are available in your program. Most Horizon courses transfer as Arts and Humanities courses. Horizon courses also transfer to other universities but must be assessed by that university on a course-by-course basis.

University of Saskatchewan Transfer Courses

Intro to the Old Testament

Bible – B110
3 credits | Prerequisites: none

Intro to the New Testament

Bible – B115
3 credits | Prerequisites: none

History of the Christian Era

General – G110
3 credits | Prerequisites: none

Reason & Christian Belief

General – G330 CB/DE
3 credits | Prerequisites: none

Synoptic Gospels

3 credits

English Literature & Composition

6 credits